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GTC Mission Statement: "To proudly provide fun & educational programs, products, and experiences all with the goal of inspiring "kids of all ages" to explore and learn more about the sciences"

About us:

Geologic Times Corporation proudly provides fun & educational programs, products, and experiences for "kids of all ages" all with the goal of inspiring "kids of all ages" in the sciences. Every program and activity we provide has educational elements carefully designed into them. But, these programs are so much fun; few even realize they are learning things too. That’s not by mistake, it’s by design and it works! This clearly cost us more to do, but it provides true value and benefits that simply cannot be measured monetarily alone... There can always be cheaper options out there, but you would have a tough time finding a company that offers more value or that can do it better!

Our history:

Our efforts to inspire “kids of all ages” in the sciences which all began back in 2006. Yet, we still have barely scratch the surface of master plan. While it’s good to look back sometimes, our eyes are clearly more focused on we can do today and, in the future, and always striving to reach and inspire far more “kids of all ages”. With your help and support, we will do just that!

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Our methodology, staff, training, and policies set us apart!

Providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all is very important to us, as it should be! This does not happen by accident; it’s only achieved by design and practice. Click on the link button below to learn sets Geologic Times Corporation apart from all others!

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    We believe that as a company, you can never be any better than your staff. In that regard, we are very fortunate indeed! We are extremely selective on whom we will hire and represent our company, and it shows… We have proudly assembled a great staff that our clients, participants, and fellow staff truly seem to enjoy working with, and so will you!
    Tom Cummins, Founder & President,
    Educational Program Presenter
    "Our team efforts to inspire “kids of all ages” in the sciences creates the unique opportunity and ability of making a long-term positive impact on others. Just a chance of making a positive difference in a single persons life makes all of our hard work and efforts worthwhile, and I'm happy to report we have achieved far more than that. Its something my staff and I are very proud of. "
    Iszi Mangana, Operations Manager,
    Educational Program Presenter
    Hi, I'm Iszi! I have a background in ecology and a passion for sharing the love of the planet we live on. I believe that one of the best ways to encourage people to engage with the sciences is to make it entertaining and fun, as well as relevant to our daily lives. My favorite dinosaurs are Archaeopteryx and Quetzalcoatlus.
    Dana Hessinger, Manager
    & Educational Program Presenter
    "Hi, I'm Dana! I am a recent graduate from the University of Mary Washington with a bachelors in Geology. I have a special interest in mineralogy and paleoclimatology. I believe that understanding the Earth and its systems is an integral part of becoming an educated global citizen. "
    Dr. Jessica Lawrence Wujek, Assistant Manager & Educational Program Presenter
    "My name is Dr. Jessica Lawrence Wujek, I am a geologist and paleontologist. I love to study marine reptiles, specifically ichthyosaurs. I received my bachelor's in geology at Ohio Wesleyan University in 2006, my masters in geology/paleontology from Bowling Green State University in 2008 and my PhD in geology/paleontology from University of Southampton in 2018. I joined this company because I wholeheartedly believe in it's mission. Spreading knowledge of science is incredibly important."

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