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Fun & Educational programs and activities page

These programs are sure to be a "rocking" good time for all, that is "crystal" clear to us! But of "quartz " it is...
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Fun & Educational programs & activities

Why not consider one of the many unique, fun, and educational programs and activities we offer for schools, youth groups, summer camps, birthday parties, company or community picnics, fundraisers, recreation centers, zoos, festivals, fairs, etc. These programs are sure to be a rocking good time for all, that is crystal clear!

GTC fun & educational programs & activities

Basic geology and
geode cracking programs

By far our most popular educational program for schools. It is also currently the most utilized program for STEM and STEAM program efforts and has been approved by the state of Maryland as a recognized STEM program for state grants.


GTC fun & educational programs & activities

Dinosaurs in our Backyards and Beyond program

This program will introduce students to paleontology and fossilization by engaging them with hands on activities and interactive lectures designed to give them a glimpse of the wide array of dinosaurs and extinct marine life that can be found in the sedimentary rock of Maryland and beyond.


GTC fun & educational programs & activities

Gem & fossil mining programs

Nothing beats the pure joy of hands-on discovery! Experience the fun and excitement of mining for real gemstones, minerals, fossils, and other treasures. A great program for summer camps, youth groups, and more!


GTC fun & educational programs & activities

Fossilization and fossil mining program

This program will introduce students to fossilization theory along the with hands on activity of mining for real fossils


GTC fun & educational programs & activities

Minerals in Your Daily Lives Program

A study of the minerals that make up everything we have and affect everything we do, i.e. the dishes we use to eat with, the homes we live in, our electronic devices. Designed to give an appreciation and understanding of how important minerals are to our daily lives

GTC fun & educational programs & activities

"DIY" geology & paleontology (and more!) educational program kits

We are creating a series of "DIY" geology & paleontology related educational program kits and supplies.

Proudly providing fun & educational geoscience related programs & experiences in-person within portions of Maryland, Virginia, & Pennsylvania and nearly everywhere in D.I.Y. kit form.

More fun & educational programs and activities under development:

Mineral Identification Methods:

A fun and engaging workshop designed to teach participants the principals of mineral identification and provide an overview of mineral properties including hardness, luster, transparency, crystal form, cleavage and fracture.

Starting a rock & mineral collection:

Program will review ways that collectors label, store, and display their collections

Plate Tectonics Program:

A study of plate tectonics, including the structure of the earth, the advances in science that led to the theory of plate tectonics, and the different ways in which the plates move and the resulting effects.

Understanding weather & climate:

This will encompass a series of educational lectures, programs, and activities to provide a basis to understand weather and climate.

local & regional mining history:

Like many, you will be very surprised to learn about the vast mining history both locally and regionally too.

mentors in science Program:

A program GTC will proudly run that will enable kids that have shown a true passion and gift for science to meet and learn from a wide range of accomplished scientists

Fluorescent Minerals Program:

A program on fluorescent & phosphorescent minerals with demonstrations that are sure to amaze you!

Space rocks! Meteors and Meteorites:

Learn all about rocks and minerals that originate from places other than this planet.

Guest lecturers & programs:

We plan to invite special guests to inspire us with their unique knowledge and expertise on a wide range of sciences.