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Geology & Geode Cracking programs & activities

There is just something special about cracking open one of these rather ordinary to flat out boring looking rocks and quickly discover the treasures hidden inside.

Basic geology & Geode Cracking program

Recognized and approved educational program for STEM programs and grants

The Basic Geology & Geode Cracking Program combines formal presentation and hands-on activities to introduce participants to geology in a fun, safe and interactive way. Knowledgeable and friendly GTC staff provides a respectful environment where participants can openly share their thoughts and ask questions. Educational display cabinets, pictures, banners, geode specimens, mineral specimens and other learning aids are used to reinforce material covered and frequent learning checks (with prizes for those that raise their hands and correctly answer questions) ensure participants stay engaged throughout the program.

Typical Itinerary:
  • GTC staff introductions and quick program Itinerary overview
    Learn about the differences between rocks, minerals, and elements

  • Learn about three primary rock types and the rock cycle

  • Learn about geode formation theories

  • Hands-on activity – Let’s get cracking! Use our custom-made geode cracking machines to crack open a geode, yours to keep

  • Win mineral and fossil prizes for answering questions correctly, and more

  • Question & answer session

  • Please feel free to contact us about additional information about this great program, service areas, costs, and how to book a program. We are happy to help, including creating a custom program to meet specific needs and budgets.

Geode cracking activity:
(stand alone activity - No lecture)

That's right, we also offer geode cracking as a stand-alone activity too. This hands-on activity is perfect for fundraisers, company picnics, and more! Please contact us for more information!