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A fun & educational program these dinosaurs were just “dying” to be a part of. But, some may have a “bone” to pick with that

Dinosaurs In Our Backyards
And Beyond program

The “Dinosaurs in our Backyards and Beyond” program will introduce students to paleontology and fossilization by engaging them with hands on activities and interactive lectures designed to give them a glimpse of the wide array of past life on Earth. It will focus specifically on dinosaurs and extinct marine life that can be found in the sedimentary rock of Maryland, but will expand to include many other extinct organisms that students are familiar with, and some that they’re not! Students will learn about the different modes of fossilization and why we find dinosaur bones in some areas but not others.

Depending on the age of the group, an amount of time will be spent detailing the history of life on Earth from its inception in the seas 3.6 billion years ago to the beautiful variety of life forms we share the planet with today. This will include a basic introduction to the concepts of extinction, geologic time, the turnover of life on Earth, and plate tectonics. We will also discuss the practical aspects of paleontology and what the day-to-day life of a paleontologist is like, as well as current ongoing research in the field. This program will provide a stimulating learning experience for anyone who is interested in extinct life and how we study it.

This program is designed for learners 1st grade all the way through the collegiate level, because it is extremely customizable and can be easily tailored to meet your group’s needs.