Geologic Times Corporation

Our methodology, staff, training, and policies set us apart!

Geologic Times Corporation
D.B.A. GTC Rock Shop & science education center

Providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all is very important to us, as it should be! This does not happen by accident; it’s only achieved by design and practice.

Below is just some of the steps we have taken:
  • Properly insured by A+ rated insurance company to exceed, not just meet, industry standards.

  • Criminal and sex offender background checks on all GTC staff and volunteers.

  • Company youth protection training and policy.

  • Staff are required to wear company issued staff shirts clearly identifying them as GTC staff when working with the public.

  • Staff are required to wear company issued photo ID’s (with barcode) which clearly identifies individual GTC staff members by their name, titles, and background checks enabling them to be able work with kids and the public

  • Employee general knowledge, product, and program content training.

  • Company code of conduct training and policy

  • Company safety and security training and policy

  • Educational program and new product research committees made up of GTC staff members and volunteers from the public

  • Community Outreach efforts, and much more…

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